Kids Birthday & Kinder Gardener Program @AWG

Kids Birthday @AWG

Treat your little prince or princess and their friends to the Garden Center kids Birthday Package at AWG. The birthday girl or boy will also be given a special gift. The entertainment venue will also provide kids planting, face painting, canvas painting, flower bouquet making, clay pot making, fish aquarium making party decorations and a delicious meal to complete the experience. The kids birthday package starts @ just 68 AED. You can customize the package as per the plan.

Let your kid have one of the best birthday with fun & educational activities. Our trained staff will make them happy, enjoy and fun together on their birthday. Lets enjoy your sweet child birthday with AWG, Make a good moment.

Kinder Gardener Program

Welcome to our Kinder Gardener Program..! Are you looking for a fun and educational activity that will get your kids excited about nature? Look no further than gardening! Gardening is not only a great way to teach children about plants, trees, and flowers, but it also provides numerous benefits for their physical and mental well-being. In this article, we will explore the wonderful world of kids gardening and how it can spark creativity, foster responsibility, and cultivate a love for the natural world in your little ones. So grab your gardening gloves and let’s dig in!

By participating in a kids gardening program at a garden center or even creating their own garden at home, children not only develop essential skills such as responsibility and patience but also gain confidence in their ability to care for living things. They will take pride in watching their efforts yield beautiful blooms or delicious fruits and vegetables.